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Decimo embarks on “Symphonia Vol.3”!

Decimo unveiled his EP “Symphonia Vol.3” on December 1st. The rapper’s calling card is exceptional, and he possesses a rather extensive repertoire. One week prior to the EP’s release, the artist released the visual for the first extract from the project in collaboration with Général Li Shin.

Decimo embarks on “Symphonia Vol.3“!

The project features only one collaboration, with ZKR, the rapper from Roubaix, on the track “Dans ses mains.” Several beatmakers take turns throughout the project. It’s worth noting, for example, that Dj Bellek makes appearances twice on the tracks “Général Li Shin” and “Temps en temps.” This project explores the entirety of the repertoire of this promising young artist, and much is expected from him.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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