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Could Bu$hi possibly be the enigmatic “Batman”?

Bu$hi recently unveiled the highly anticipated “Bu$hi Tape 3” on March 29th, marking a significant moment for his fans. The artist didn’t hesitate to collaborate with heavyweights in the music industry, notably Quavo from the renowned group Migos. Already, three years prior, in an interview on Discord, Bu$hi hinted at his aspirations by mentioning possible collaborations with giants like The Weeknd or Frank Ocean, a testament to his ambitious nature. Following the visual release of his collaboration with Quavo, the artist presents “Batman,” a track with a much more pronounced melodic character.

Could Bu$hi possibly be the enigmatic “Batman”?

The composition of this track is the result of the combined efforts of Bu$hi himself and a talented Parisian beatmaker, Eliesg, now based in Miami. This collaboration marks a shift towards an Atlantic sound for the artist originally from Lyonzon. Eliesg, already known for collaborations with artists like Weiland on tracks such as “Over and Over” and “Missed Call,” brings his distinctive touch to this track. Bu$hi, known for his strong inclination towards Trap and Drill, presents a track with relatively slow BPM, carried by piano notes, revealing a musical style yet unheard of in his discography.

As a prominent member of the Lyon collective, Bu$hi delivers some impactful punchlines, such as: “I’ve been told, in life, there are those who are loaded and those who dig.” A line that echoes “Sad Hill” by DJ Kheops and has since been quoted numerous times in the rap world.

The visual for this track was crafted by the talented PAN. Alternating between dark imagery featuring Bu$hi and enigmatic, metaphorical visuals, this music video offers a unique and immersive experience. It’s worth noting that PAN had previously created the cover art for “Bu$hi Tape 3,” from which he largely draws the visual universe for this video clip.

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