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Comme d’Hab: Exploring the theme of l’habitude

Mougli makes a mark with the freestyle series “Jungle.” Comfortable in terms of lyrics, the artist from the 95 area releases singles before the potential album release. Recently, he unveiled the track “Minaj,” in collaboration with Kerchak, and released the piece “Zinedine.” He’s back with the single “Comme d’hab.”

Mougli is in his element with “Comme d’hab”!

Since “Frank Sinatra,” covered by Claude François in France, and through artists like Dosseh and others, the theme of “l’habitude” has often been explored in music. To create his own version of this theme, Mougli entrusted Boumidjal and Holomobb. A member of the Double X and Holomobb groups already has a few hits to his name, such as “Distant” by Maes and “Goulag” by Kaaris.

The artist continues to demonstrate his lyrical quality and flow. Not exactly old school, but with exceptionally well-written lyrics, Mougli confidently justifies his record label signing with impertinence. The video production is credited to Digital NAK.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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