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Bimbim Unveils Explosive New Single “Shevchenko” Following the Success of “J’arrive en I”

Fresh off the heels of his electrifying collaboration “J’arrive en I” with French rap heavyweights Kekra and Mister You, Bimbim is back with another hit, “Shevchenko.”

Hailing from the dynamic department of 94, Bimbim has proven himself to be a versatile rapper with a multitude of talents. His ability to craft impactful rap bangers as well as more uplifting and sunny tracks has solidified his position as an essential figure in the music scene.

With an impressive track record of collaborations with renowned artists such as DJ Abdel, Lartiste, Jul, Sultan, and even Mister You, Bimbim continues to surprise and captivate his audience.

Teaming up once again with Mister You, a revered figure in French rap, Bimbim’s strategic partnership aims to further solidify his presence in the industry. As Yougataga’s career continues its meteoric rise, Bimbim is poised to carve out a significant portion of the year with the first part of his project “La bande à Bimbim”! In the meantime, fans are treated to yet another explosive collaboration, as Bimbim joins forces with the raw talent of Kekra and the unique signature of Mister You.

In “J’arrive en I,” Bimbim showcased his determination and boundless energy, accompanied by Kekra and Mister You. The track promised to ignite crowds with its sharp lyrics and powerful beats.

With the release of “Shevchenko,” Bimbim reaffirms his prominent position in the French music landscape. By blending his distinctive style with that of his peers, he offers listeners an unforgettable auditory experience. “J’arrive en I” transcended the boundaries of a mere rap track to become a true anthem of boldness and perseverance, fueled by the passion and talent of three exceptional artists. Now, with “Shevchenko,” Bimbim invites fans to embark on a new musical journey, promising another unforgettable ride filled with energy and creativity.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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