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Bhk220 – Génération 2000

Bhk220 is a young rapper hailing from Seine-et-Marne, France, and is part of the new generation of French rappers. He was discovered in 2022 with his hit single “BEP BEP BEP” and quickly gained popularity with other tracks such as “Rebenga.” Bhk220 has always had a passion for music, influenced by his father, Lino Versace, one of the founders of Coupé Décalé in Côte d’Ivoire, as well as his mother, who passed on her love for rap to him.

Despite his young age, Bhk220 has worked hard to professionalize himself in the rap scene. After achieving success with “BEP BEP BEP”, he and his team took a step back to avoid becoming a “One Hit Wonder.” They removed his previous tracks and worked on his new musical identity. Bhk220 is now preparing for the release of his first EP, titled “Génération 2000,” which showcases his darkly rhythmic musical universe and unique vocabulary.

The title of his project, “Génération 2000,” symbolizes the rise of the new generation of French rappers, proving that they are capable of success in the music industry and other fields despite their young age. Bhk220 proudly champions this new generation and hopes to make his mark in French rap.

The eponymous music video has just been unveiled. Bhk220 presents himself as the leader of a “darkly rhythmic” movement. The compositions he chooses are rhythmic but measured, compared to popular styles in Marseille. The instrumental composition of the track “Génération 2000” was created by $ami Beats and Junior Alaprod. The former has worked extensively with Luv Resval (the late rapper) and also produced the track “La Calle 5” for Guy2bezbar. The latter, a prominent figure among Parisian producers, is responsible for many hits like “Petrouchka” with Soso Maness featuring PLK, Thibaut Courtois by Shay, and “Dix Leurres” by Dems. The composition is rhythmic with a heavy bass line, but it is not baroque.

The rapper delivers sometimes explicit rhymes over music that is not overly agitated. It’s this contrast that the artist highlights with his “darkly rhythmic” style. If the title “Génération 2000” was chosen to represent the project of the same name, it’s because it epitomizes the style that Bhk220 wants to showcase.

Generation 93, which directed this music video, is known for its short films such as “Toxic” by Kaza. They have collaborated with numerous other artists, including 13Block and Timal. Generation 93 is responsible for the direction of music videos, photography, and graphic design. They have a unique artistic touch. The music video reflects the title: groovy yet stylish.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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