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Bello – Jeune Tismé Freestyle

The Francophone rap world welcomes a rising star: Bello, a young rapper from Le Locle, in Switzerland. His recent project, titled “Jeune Tismé Tape”, is already making waves in the music sphere, perfectly illustrating the talent and freshness that Bello brings to the scene.

Bello draws his inspiration from French rap, influenced by artists such as Alpha Wann, La Fève, Mairo, Sexion d’Assaut, and Laylow. This diversity of influences is reflected in his music, offering a rich mix that combines technique and modernity. His unique style is distinguished by a modern sound, marked by impeccable technique and a dynamic flow.

His latest video, “Jeune Tismé Freestyle”, showcases his ability to combine rhythm and impactful lyrics, captivating the audience with his energy and authenticity. This release was complemented by the mixtape “Jeune Tismé Tape”, a project that brings together several tracks reflecting his primarily kick-driven style. The mixtape is a true demonstration of his versatility and his ability to create sounds that resonate with the contemporary listener.

With “Jeune Tismé Tape”, Bello not only asserts himself as a talented rapper but also as an artist to closely follow. He represents a new wave of Swiss rappers ready to make their mark on the international scene. His fresh approach and dedication to the art of rap make him a notable figure and a name to remember in the music industry.

In summary, Bello is an artist who skillfully combines the influences of French rap with a unique personal touch, offering music that is both modern, technical, and deeply authentic. His project “Jeune Tismé Tape” is an eloquent testament to his talent and his potential to transform the Francophone rap landscape.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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