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Beendo Z – ᚷ. Inspiré de faits réels #6

After the emergence of Drill music in Chicago, London, and New York, a Drill wave swept across France, leaving its mark. Beendo Z is one of the leaders of this movement. At the beginning of his track, he quotes a punchline from Freeze Corleone, taken from his latest song “Amérique du Sud,” while the latter is set to release his album on September 11th. In 2022, the artist unveiled his album titled “L’élu.”

Very active recently, he released the track “M’Bappé.” This time, he presents the sixth installment of his freestyle series “Inspiré de faits réels.” The video and the track are highly conceptual, as the song is divided into three distinct parts, each with its own artistic identity, both musically and visually.

This title is reminiscent of the latest freestyle by DA Uzi, which followed the same principle. Several beatmakers contributed to the creation of this successful atmosphere, including Meel B, Ozcqn, Exodus Le Magnifique, and DVGZ. The first part is firmly Drill, the second features an instrumental with saxophone samples that complement the rapper’s egotrip lyrics, and the third is more explosive, once again demonstrating that Beendo Z is an aesthete.

The visual production is credited to SPONGE PRODUCTION, and despite his young age, the artist is positioning himself seriously as one of the rappers to closely follow in this new season of rap.

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