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Andy Roques – Coco Chanel

Andy Roques, hailing from the south of France, has been immersed in the world of music from a young age, primarily thanks to the influence of his parents and older brother. They exposed him to a variety of musical genres, such as pop, rock, and rap, shaping his love for music. Quickly becoming a self-taught guitarist and vocalist, Andy caught the attention of ITV Studio France with his renditions of popular songs.

Although this experience was initially exciting, it was marred by disappointment, sparking in him the desire to become the creator of his own artistic works. Endowed with an enchanting voice and captivating singing style, Andy effortlessly navigates through musical compositions, inviting you to delve into his enchanting and occasionally melancholic universe. Through his lyrics, he reflects the various facets of his life.

Recently, Andy Roques unveiled his track “Visage” a few weeks ago, which made for a notable introduction. He places aesthetics at the core of his creativity. Following this initial release, the artist presented “Coco Chanel,” which follows in the same vein as the previous one with a highly elaborate style. Andy Roques continues over an instrumental composition by 777 Beats, in an Urban Pop style. The video, directed by Quentin Foulley, exhibits a strong aesthetic appeal.

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