Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Top 5 This Week

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HoodStar (Ninho, Koba LaD, Shotas)

HoodStar’s career didn’t start yesterday. A beatmaker since he was 17, he first made a mark with “Queen B” by Ol Kainry and the track “Le Bal des Loubards” (“The Ball of Thugs”) by Smoker. His ability to create a true osmosis with the artists he works with around a very particular atmosphere caught the attention of a certain Niro. The rapper from Blois was at the dawn of his career. He hadn’t yet founded his label “Ambitions Music“, but his album “Miraculé” (“Miraculous”) showcased his talent to the world. HoodStar produced the track “J’Prends Sur Moi” (“I Take It Upon Myself”) on the MC’s album. Praised by national radio stations, the track highlights HoodStar‘s extraordinary talent.

An emblematic rapper in the 93 area, Worms-T, placed his full trust in him. But it was the title “Binks to Binks 6“, a freestyle series by Ninho, that launched the beatmaker into the “God Of Rap” stratosphere. The instrumental production by the beatmaker revealed a peculiarity. Nwar like many instrumentals, it introduced HoodStar as the French beatmaker who popularized the use of Triolet (a rhythm played in triple time, 1/3). This technical jargon among producers actually reveals that HoodStar somewhat revolutionized music.

Ninho made him one of his official composers. He monopolized the placements in “Destin“. He then composed on the album “Destin” with tracks like “Money” in co-prod with SNK, then “Big Pac“, “La Vivance” in collaboration with Koba laD and N. I.

With Koba laD, he gradually integrated into the 7 Binks. He is then featured on the track “La Capuche 6” by Shotas, and “ça parle mal” by PSO Thug. He is currently omnipresent on Ninho‘s latest mixtape, “MILS 3.0“.


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